Tokyopop and HarperCollins have inked a major strategic alliance deal, in which they will co-publish new OEL manga based on HarperCollins intellectual property, and HarperCollins will distribute Tokyopop titles to the book trade.   


The co-publishing deal, which is slated to eventually reach 24 new volumes per year, will begin with new manga based on the work of Young Adult author Meg Cabot, whose Princess Diaries and Mediator series, among others, are bestselling titles in the category.  The first Meg Cabot manga will appear in 2007. 


The distribution deal, which replaces Tokyopop's current deal with CDS/Perseus, will begin in mid-June.  Under the deal, HarperCollins will provide logistics, billing, and customer service for Tokyopop sales to the book trade.


For more on the Tokyopop-HarperCollins deal, check out our interview with Tokyopop publisher Mike Kiley (see 'ICv2 Talks to Tokyopop Publisher Mike Kiley').