Titan Books has announced that it has the North American rights to reprint Transformers comics through 2002 in addition to its U.K. rights.  Marvel announced at the Diamond Las Vegas Retailer Summit that it would be publishing both Transformers and G.I. Joe reprints (see '80s Comics Return'); this turned out to be incorrect.  Marvel will still be publishing the G.I. Joe trade paperbacks, as announced.  Titan has already published two volumes in the UK (Transformers:  All Fall Down, reprinting issues #69-#74; and Transformers:  End of the Roa, reprinting issues #75-80) and has announced two upcoming volumes for the US.  Transformers:  Primal Scream will ship in March 2002, and Transformers:  Matrix Quest will ship in May 2002.  We presume that Titan will also begin distributing the first two editions in the U.S.   For info on the hot-selling Transformers video collections, see 'There's Gold in Old Cartoons.'