Last week Marvel Studios provided an overview of future Marvel movie projects in a conference call with industry analysts.  The presentation basically confirmed what is already known about the Marvel's film plans (see 'Marvel's Movie Slate Takes Shape'), but it did provide some news. Among the revelations were the announcement that Zak Penn (X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, Elektra) is writing a new live action Avengers movie for Marvel Studios, and that Hulk 2 (also written by Penn), the second release from Marvel's in-house movie factory, is now tentatively slated for release in 2008 at some point after Iron Man debuts on May 2. 


Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige also provided a few more details about Marvel's first in-house production, announcing that J. Michael Riva (Spider-Man 2) would be the production designer on Iron Man with John Nelson (I. Robot, Matrix 2, 3) handling the special effects and Michel Libatique (Gothica, Inside Man) doing the lensing.


The only other major announcement was a Teen Avengers direct-to-DVD animated film, which is now in development and which will follow the previously announced Iron Man and Doctor Strange direct-to-video projects.