Alias Comics' Executive Director Mike Miller told ICv2 that Alias was winding down its comic book publishing efforts in the direct market because attempting to compete with Marvel and DC was 'taking away time and effort from things that actually generate revenue.'  Referring to an agreement with the Christian publishing house Zondervan, Miller said, 'The Christian market is ripe for us.  It's better to be the big fish in a small pond. We won't have to compete with Marvel and DC. We are already allied with the top publisher.' 


Under the terms of its agreement with Zondervan, Alias will create three 8-book series of graphic novels, which Zondervan will print and distribute.  Alias, which from its very inception back in May of 2005 always had a number of religiously-themed comics and graphic novels in production, is also creating a comic based on the Christian-themed Angel Wars videos, publishing the Christian pop culture magazine, bubblemag, and plans to continue to publish Royden Lepp's David: A Shepherd's Song and Ted Dekker's Saint.


Miller told ICv2 that most of the secular titles in Alias Comics' current lineup will be able to finish out their story arcs before Alias adopts its new course in January, and Alias will do what it can to place the comics with other publishers.  There will be a few exceptions, Alias will publish Bluewater's Lost Raven graphic novel in February, and the Pistolfist mini-series will continue through March.  Miller expects to make an announcement concerning his own series, Sixgun Samurai, Lullaby, and The Imaginaries, sometime next week.


Two volumes of each of the three 8-volume series Alias is creating and/or packaging for Zondervan (see 'Zonderkidz to Launch Graphic Novel Line') will be out in the fall of 2007. The series include The Manga Bible by Korean creators Young Shin Lee and Jung Sun Hwang, which Alias is translating; the Old Testament-based Kingdoms; and a Christian superhero title, Hand of the Morning Star, which Mike Miller is drawing. 


The books that Alias is producing for Zondervan will be available to direct market retailers via Zondervan rather than Alias.