Dynamite Entertainment has announced that novelists Eric Nylund (Halo novels) and Joshua Ortega (Frequencies) are collaborating on a four-issue prequel series for its new (as opposed to the 'classic') Battlestar Galactica comic book series.  The four-issue Cylon War mini-series will examine how the sentient robots acquired weapons and turned against their human masters, how the humans fought them to a draw, and what happened during the 40-year truce that followed the first Cylon war.


Eric Nylund's expertise in military science fiction is well-suited for this project as is Joshua Ortega's considerable experience in working with licensed properties and writing comics (he has written Star Wars and Star Trek novels as well as numerous comics and graphic novels).  While there has been a growing trend to have novelists write comics (see 'Marvel Announces Three Projects With Best-Selling Authors'), this may be the first time that two novelists have collaborated on one comic book series.