The Star Wars 30th Anniversary year officially kicked off with the Star Wars Spectacular in the Rose Parade (see 'Star Wars Spectacular Featured in Rose Bowl Parade') and will continue through 2007, culminating, by Lucasfilm's reckoning, with Celebration IV in Los Angeles scheduled for May 25-28.  Licensors Del Rey, Dark Horse and Hasbro, among others, have announced tie-in products for the anniversary.


Del Rey will be releasing The Making of Star Wars: The Definitve Story Behind The Original Film in April.  Author and Lucasfilm editor J.W. Rinzler says the book includes interviews from 30 years ago as well as the present, including a rediscovered interview with George Lucas from before the film's release.


The Making of Star Wars includes more than 500 color photos and will be available in two formats.  The trade paperback version will be 324 pages and lists for $35; the hardcover includes an additional 48 pages of bonus material and will list for $75.


Del Rey has also declared May Star Wars month and will have its Star Wars authors involved in anniversary events all over the country.


Beginning in March, Dark Horse is offering monthly limited-edition hardcover releases from its Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection graphic novel series.  These books will be available only through direct market retail outlets and print runs are limited to initial orders only.


Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Vol 1: The Freedon Nadd Uprising, scheduled for March release, collects material that has been out of print for a decade into a 56-page hardcover edition with a $16.95 cover price.  Volume 2: Jedi vs. Sith, scheduled for April release, will be 144 pages and retails for $29.95.  Volume 3: Darth Maul, scheduled for May release, will be 96 pages and will sell for $22.95.



Beginning in January, Hasbro will be issuing 60 repackaged and revamped 30th Anniversary Star Wars action figures, each with a collectible coin. Darth Vader is the first release and comes with a five-panel, full-color album that holds all 60 coins.


Hasbro and Lego will be naturally be releasing loads of new and updated toys for the anniversary to take advantage of the top-selling toy license (see 'Star Wars Is Still #1) while LucasArts is focusing on new video games (see 'Lucas Betting on Videogames to Drive Sales'), and Lucasfilm Animation is in production on an animated TV series  (see 'Lucas Plans 2 Star Wars TV Series').