Marvel Comics has announced that Civil War #7, the finale to the blockbuster mini-series that was most recently slated to go on sale on January 31st, has been delayed until February 21st.  A raft of related titles including Amazing Spider-Man #538, Fantastic Four #543, Moon Knight #8, and the Civil War Poster Book will also now ship to retailers for sale on February 21st (the complete list of the remaining Civil War releases and their new shipping dates is appended below).  Marvel has announced that Civil War #7 will contain 28 pages of story content -- six pages more than the ordinary comic, but will still retail for $2.99. 


Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort cited the extra six pages as the primary reason for the delay stating that because of the extra pages, 'We need to block in a little bit more time to make sure that Steve can get it done -- especially since these are some of the most difficult pages in the entire series to draw from a number-of-characters-on-the-page perspective.'


Marvel also announced that the Eisner Award-winners Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are collaborating on an epilogue to the Civil War series, Civil War: The Confession, which will feature two of the Marvel Heroes most affected by the shocking conclusion to the war (presumably Iron Man and Captain America, but who knows?) getting together one last time.  Civil War: The Confession is slated for a March 14th release (February 22nd final order cut-off), but it was not included in the January Marvel Order Form and must be ordered with the special solicitation code NOV068200.


Fantastic Four #542                                                    Jan-17

Civil War: The Return                                                  Jan-24

Moon Knight #7                                                          Jan-24

Punisher War Journal #3                                             Jan-24

Black Panther #24                                                      Jan-31

Civil War: Black Panther War Crimes (#21-23)              Feb-07

Amazing Spider-Man #538                                           Feb-21

Civil War #7                                                               Feb-21

Civil War Poster Book                                                 Feb-21

Fantastic Four #543                                                    Feb-21

Moon Knight #8                                                         Feb-21

Black Panther #25                                                     Feb-28

Civil War Frontline #11                                               Feb-28

Civil War: The Initiative                                              Feb-28

Captain America #25                                                 Mar-07

Civil War: Battle Damage Report                                 Mar-07

Marvel Spotlight: Civil War Aftermath                          Mar-07

Civil War: The Confession                                          Mar-14

Moon Knight #9                                                        Mar-21