An announcement posted on the WizKids Website indicates that the game manufacturer, known for its category-creating collectible miniatures and constructible strategy games, has decided to run up the white flag on its Battlestar Galactica Collectible Card Game. The Website statement by WizKids' Associate Brand Manager Tiffany O'Brien noted that the BSG CCG expansion Martial Law, originally scheduled for February, 'will not be releasing.'  O'Brien went on to write: 'Although we diligently tried to extend this property into the CCG category, we are no longer able to maintain the product.' 


WizKids has announced several forays into the highly competitive collectible card game market starting with High Stakes Drifter (see 'WizKids' First CCG: High Stakes Drifter') in 2005, and including RIOT: The Collectible Card Game as well as the BSG CCG, but has so far failed to establish much of a presence in the category.