University Games has released Smart Ass (MSRP $24.98), a fast action, party-friendly board game where everybody plays every turn.  Smart Ass is an Australian import -- it was created by Rob Elliot, who is the host of Wheel of Fortune in Australia -- and it has an aggressive Aussie flavor.  There are no conventional 'turns' in Smart Ass, every player endeavors to yell out the right answer before the smart ass next to them manages to do it.


The questions in the trivia-based Smart Ass game feature ten clues describing a well-known person, place or thing.  Players attempt to arrive at the correct answer first, which helps them reach the winner's circle (actually a donkey's derriere) first.


University Games doesn't feel that the new game's title will be a hindrance at retail.  A University Games spokesperson cited the success of the company's 2003 game, Fact or Crap, as evidence that a little vulgarity is not necessarily fatal.