In August, Mongoose Publishing is launching its pre-painted Starship Troopers Evolution line (see ''Starship Troopers Miniature Game' Relaunch') and four second edition releases for the Conan RPG , Babylon 5: A Call to Arms miniatures game, and the  Paranoia Card Game.


The Starship Troopers Evolution line features high-quality pre-painted gaming sets to allow immediate game play, and joins Battlefield Evolution in Mongoose's prepainted miniature lines (see 'Mongoose's Battlefield Evolution').

The first releases include:

Mobile Infantry Exosuit Squad

Mobile Infantry Light Armour Squad  $29.95

Arachnid Warrior Bugs  $39.95

Arachnid Tanker Bug  $39.95

Skinnie Soldiers  $29.95

Skinnie Raiders  $29.95

Forth Fenos  $29.95

Forth Fenirs  $29.95


The Conan Second Edition main rule book (160-page hardcover for $34.95 MSRP) for the Conan RPG includes revised rules, optional new rules and material from supplements, and new combat and tactical options for both game masters and players. The new addition includes crossover rules from the new Age of Conan war game. 


Other Conan releases planned for August include the Conan RPG Game Master Screen ($14.95), Return to the Road of Kings supplement ($39.95) and Conan and the Waking Dream adventure ($9.95).


A Call to Arms Second Edition (96-page hardcover, $24.95 MSRP) is an updated core rule book for the Babylon 5 game, and A Call to Arms Second Edition Fleet Book (160-page hardcover, $34.96 MSRP) has an updated fleet list and supplemental rules. 


The Paranoia Card Game Second Edition retails for $14.95 and the Paranoia Card Game Expansion Pack-Secret Societies will sell for $9.95 MSRP.