Wizards of the Coast has released its D&D and Star Wars schedules for the first trimester of 2008.  Two D&D Miniatures releases are planned for April, 2008.  A new D&D Minis Starter Set ($19.99) will include five exclusive minis, Large Green Dragon, Human Sellsword, Elf Warlock, and Dwarf Battlemaster, plus assorted other bits.  And the Dungeons of Dread Boosters ($14.99) will each include eight of the sixty-piece set.


Five D&D RPG products are planned for the period.  Worlds and Monsters ($19.95), which kicks off the year in January, is a 96-page trade paperback with essays, asides, and illustrations from designers, developers, and editors, giving readers a look behind the scenes at the making of an RPG. 


City of Stormreach ($29.95), in February, is one of two Eberron products in the period.  The 160-page hardcover will explore the frontier city of Eberron's continent of Xen-drik, building on the plots and characters from Dungeons and Dragons Online:   Stormreach.  Eberron Survival Guide ($19.95), a 64-page hardcover scheduled for March, is a heavily illustrated visual guide to the world. 


Keep on the Shadowfell ($24.95), a 96-page softbound accessory, will include an adventure for characters level 1-3 and double-sided poster maps suitable for use with D&D Miniatures.


Tiles are being offered for both D&D and Star Wars.  Mysterious Lairs ($9.95) for D&D ships in March, with six double-sided sheets of illustrated die-cut tiles for use in building dungeons, temples, and monster lairs.   Imperial Outposts:  Galaxy Tiles for the Star Wars RPG $12.95) in April also offers six sheets of tiles, but with Imperial Outposts, Rebel bases, and fringe redoubts. 


One other Star Wars accessory joins the tiles and the previously announced Force Unleashed Campaign Guide in March (see 'The Force Unleashed').  The Gamemaster Screen and Character Sheets ($14.95) in February will include 32 double-sided character sheets, and four-panel GM screen, and a protective folder.