ICv2 asked Jay Tummelson, Owner of  Rio Grande Games, his opinion about Internet retailing, discount pricing and the recent Leegin vs. PSKS Supreme Court decision:


Do you feel that online retailers that sell products at a substantial

discount from retail are a positive force, negative, or have no effect

on the over-all market for your products?

I have really not studied the effect and cannot say.  I sometimes think that

some discounters go too far and, thus, do not have a long-range plan for

success of their business.


If you could reduce the discounted sales of your products on the Internet, would you do so?

No.  I do not feel it is my job to tell retailers how, where, or for how much

they should sell my games.


Do you have any policies in place, either for your own sales to retailers or for sales from your distributors to retailers that treat online-only retailers differently from brick and mortar retailers?



What is your reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision, Leegin vs. PSKS, will this change how you manage sales of your products to Internet retailers?