Black Industries has extended its Warhammer 40k Roleplay schedule to include a May release, The Inquisitors' Handbook, due June 2nd.  This 144-page book will include new weapons, tools, armor types, vehicles, and vehicle combat rules.  The rest of the schedule (with some new titles and prices), is:


February 4 

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay:  Dark Heresy (49.99)

Dark Heresy Game Masters Kit ($19.99)

Dark Heresy Character Folio ($6.99)


February 26

Dark Heresy Purge the Unclean ($34.99)  


(see 'Warhammer 40k RPG' and 'Coordinated Launch for Warhammer 40K RPG' for more details.)


One Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay product is scheduled for release in the first part of 2008.  The Thousand Thrones, a $49.99 campaign book, will street April 29th.