Mayfair Games' Pillars of the Earth, designed by Michael Rieneck and Stefan Stadler from the best-selling novel by Ken Follett (see 'Mayfair Announces Patrizier'), has won Games Magazine's Game of the Year award for 2008.  That was one of two games for which Mayfair won awards; two other companies (Rio Grande and Playroom) also had two each.  Other awards from the magazine are as follow:

Easter Island (Twilight Creations)
Best New Abstract Strategy Game

Khronos (Rio Grande)
Best New Advanced Strategy Game

If Wishes Were Fishes (Rio Grande)
Best New Family Game

Bull in a China Shop (Playroom Entertainment)
Best New Family Card Game

Shear Panic (Mayfair)
Best New Family Strategy Game

Gift Trap (Gift Trap)
Best New Party Game

Sacred Myths and Legends Series (Family Games)
Best New Puzzle

Unspeakable Words (Playroom)
Best New Word Game

Ran (GMT)
Best new Historical Simulation Game