Sabertooth Games has launched a redemption program that rewards support of brick and mortar stores with a card that offers the first glimpse into the world of ShadoWar, the new house IP being launched by Sabertooth to be part of its UFS system (see 'Sabertooth Adds ShadoWar to UFS').   The new card, Yi Shan, the Dragon of Mt. Lao, will be mailed free to consumers that send Sabertooth a receipt from a brick and mortar store, the front flap from a booster display of either Street Fighter:  Domination or SNK:  The King of Fighters 2006 & Samurai Shodown V:  Cutting Edge, and a coupon from the Sabertooth Website. 


The two SKUs that this promotion supports ship in February.  The promotion will end March 31, 2008.