The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and Gen Con have reached agreement for GAMA to become the Retailer Lounge Sponsor for Gen Con Trade Day at its second annual event this August.  The Retailer Lounge is a comfortable area off the busy Gen Con floor where retailers can take a break, compare notes with other retailers, and conduct meetings.  As a special added feature, GAMA will also be staffing the Retailer Lounge with top retailers that will provide expert one-on-one advice on a rotating list of topics. 


GAMA will also support the Gen Con Trade Day programming with panelists and advice on topics.    


Megan Culver, Director of Marketing & Sales Operations for Gen Con, expressed the show's satisfaction with the deal.  'I am thrilled that GAMA has decided to partner with Gen Con as our Retailer Lounge Sponsor for Trade Day 2008,' she said.  'I think the staff at GAMA has excellent knowledge of the trade industry and brings great value to our program.  We look forward to once again working with them to make Trade Day a huge success!'


Anthony J. Gallela, Executive Director of GAMA, explained why GAMA is supporting Gen Con Trade Day.  'GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association, connects, supports, educates, and promotes the people and companies involved in the world of games; and we support those who do the same,' he said.  'Gen Con has a wonderful tradition of doing these things and Gen Con Trade Day matches those efforts perfectly. GAMA is supporting Gen Con and Trade Day in the hopes that the business of games will become that much stronger and more vibrant. We'll see you there!'


Gen Con Trade Day will be held on August 13-14, 2008, on the eve of Gen Con Indy.