Score Entertainment has outlined an ambitious marketing plan for the Bankai Expansion for the Bleach TCG that includes print and online components as well as the first TV advertisements ever for the game.  The Bleach TCG TV commercial will air on Adult Swim starting the week of April 16th, one week after the release of the Bankai Expansion (see "The Bankai Expansion for the Bleach TCG").  The commercial features the voice of Johnny Yong Bosch, who provides the voice of Ichigo in the English dub of the Bleach anime, which coincidentally airs on Adult Swim. Outtakes from the commercial and an interview with Bosch will be available on the Adult Swim Website.


Score will also advertise the Bankai Expansion on several online venues including the Adult Swim Website, Anime News Network, and  Print ads for Bankai will appear in Anime Insider, Scrye, Shojo Beat, and Shonen Jump.  The print ads will focus on both the release of the Bankai Expansion and Bleach TCG organized play events scheduled for 2008.