Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing has announced a host of projects for 2009 including a new Judge Dredd RPG, which will be based on the Traveller rules.  A full color hardback Judge Dredd RPG Rulebook will be next summer and will be followed by a campaign book and a complete sourcebook on the Justice Department.  Mongoose is also planning a new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game based on the original Gangs of Mega City One game, but with a much larger scope.


The Judge Dredd games (along with a forthcoming Strontium Dog RPG) are the fruits of Mongoose “accepting an offer it couldn’t refuse” (minus the horse head) from video game company Rebellion (see “Mongoose Joins Rebellion”), which controls the 2000 AD rights.  The deal has provided Mongoose with more than just access to cool properties.  Mongoose is now planning on publishing all projects of a certain length (around 200 pages) and using far more color in all its releases.  Here’s a quick rundown on Mongoose’s plans for its various lines during 2009.



In 2009 Mongoose is expanding its science fiction RPG with a number of new core books, some of which (Scoundrel, Agent) will cover characters, while others such as a Civilian and Military Vehicle Supplement and a Central Supply Catalogue.  But in 2009 Mongoose is also implementing its long term plan under which Traveller becomes not just a single setting, but a core system able to handle all science fiction gaming.  Typical of the latter is Hammer’s Slammers, a full color hardcover RPG adaptation (using the Traveller system) of David Drake’s classic science fiction series that will be available in April.



Mongoose is planning major new initiatives for Runequest in 2010, but 2009 will see the release of some interesting volumes including a Pocket Deluxe Edition of the game as well as volume detailing the role of Guild, Factions & Cults.  Gloranthan players will get a steady stream of new releases including Mostali, Castle of Lead, Vithela and Lairs of Glorantha.  The release of the Corum and Multiverse volumes for Elric and Hawkmoon has be moved to 2010, but there will be Lankhmar volume in 2009 that will be a definitive guide to Fritz Leiber’s great creation.


Flaming Cobra

Flaming Cobra is Mongoose’s imprint for publishing and distributing third party games.  Flaming Cobra’s major initiative for the summer of 2009 is the release of Gary Gygax’s Lejendary Adventures (see “Mongoose Gets Gygax’s Lejendary Adventures”).



Mongoose is planning to release a 25th Anniversary Paranoia Rulebook, which won’t replace previous editions, but will add some interesting dimensions as will two new rulebooks, one covering Int Sec Troopers and one on the High Programmers.



The major release for Mongoose’s Conan RPG in 2009 will be a Warriors Companion.  While the Conan game is compatible with D&D 3.5, Mongoose is planning to produce Wraith Recon, which places elite special forces in a fantasy setting for the new 4th Edition D&D.


Babylon 5

Mongoose has just released Lawrence Whitaker’s The Universe of Babylon 5 will allow players to play the game using Traveller rules.  A second book in this Traveller/Babylon 5 line will cover ships and vehicles.


Miniature Games

In addition to the aforementioned Judge Dredd miniatures game, Mongoose will release a new version of A Call to Arms its space combat game set in the world of Babylon 5, a V-Max Racing game and in February, the release of a new volume for Victory at Sea, Victory At Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts.