Humanoids has announced that it has begun licensing its West End game systems under a 'West End Games House System' license.  In addition to D6 Classic, other West End Games rules sets are D6 Legend, Masterbook, Torg, and Shatterzone.  Although not free a la d20, the West End licenses have a nominal $500 minimum royalty, payable in advance.  The license does not include the use of West End worlds, but does include the use of any WEG system material, including creation of new rules options.  RPG licenses for the WEB non-licensed game worlds (Torg, Shatterzone, and Bloodshadows) are being considered.


The first game system licensee is Scott Palter's Final Sword Productions, which was formed to produce D6 Classic space opera products.  Palter was the original founder of West End Games.  Two products are scheduled, Backwaters of the Universe, Vol. 1 for summer and and Psibertroopers for fall, both at $18 for 96 b/w pages.