Booster packs of the new set for Magic: The Gathering, Zendikar, which debuted this past weekend at pre-release events (see “WotC Reveals October’s Large Magic Set”), contain over 90 powerful vintage Magic cards inserted on a random basis.  These are original cards, not reprints. 


Despite a heavy print run (a Wizards of the Coast spokesperson would only confirm that Zendikar is “one of our most successful launches to date”), the product is currently sold out at the manufacturer level.  WotC expects to have “more product available soon.” 


The inclusion of rare, powerful cards from past Magic sets was, according to WotC, in keeping with the theme of the Zendikar set, “deadly perils and priceless treasures,” with the emphasis on the “priceless treasures.” 


Magic: The Gathering was already on a tear before the release of Zendikar, with the inclusion of new cards in the 2010 set and other changes leading not only to increased strength in the hobby, but also to a #3 position at mass, the highest Magic’s been in that channel for years (see “Top Q2 2009 Collectible Games”).