Mayfair Games has announced the upcoming release of Wacky Wacky West, a board game of negotiation and backstabbing set in the American West.  Designed by Klaus Teuber (Settlers of Catan), it is scheduled to release in the second quarter of 2010.


Players assume the role of townsfolk in the boomtown of Rossdorf.  Tiles representing railroads, streets, and rivers are played on the game board as the players try to protect their own buildings while destroying those of their rivals.  Tiles can be placed anywhere, unless it covers one of the town’s many outhouses:  then the town council, represented by cards in the players’ hands, must vote whether to allow the play or not.


The game may sound familiar to long-time fans of Klaus Teuber.  Wacky Wacky West is a repackaging of his classic 1991 Spiel des Jahres winner Drunter und Druber, Originally published by Hans im Gluck in Germany.


Wacky Wacky West is a casual game for 2 – 4 players, and plays in around 45 minutes. Stock number:  MFG4104.  Suggested retail price:  $35.00