Wizards of the Coast has announced a large Dungeons & Dragons release schedule for summer 2010.  Game supplements, adventures, and accessories are all planned, building up to the release of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting in August.


Three Dark Sun titles release in August:


The Dark Sun Campaign Setting presents the gritty world of Dark Sun with new races, character themes, classes, options, equipment, and more.  MSRP will be $39.95.


The Dark Sun Creature Catalog has all the information Dungeon Masters need to introduce the monsters of Dark Sun, collected in a single book.  MSRP:  $19.95.


Marauders of the Dune Sea can introduce low-level characters to Dark Sun, or Dungeon Masters can easily modify it for their own campaign.  MSRP will be $12.95.


WotC plans an aggressive schedule of D&D products in the run-up to Dark Sun as well.  In May, three products are planned:


The D&D Player’s Strategy Guide offers new tricks and tips for maximizing character abilities.  MSRP will be $29.95.


Dungeon Magazine Annual includes a full year of adventures taken from the pages of Dungeon magazine, collected into a single volume.  MSRP will be $29.95.


The Slaying Stone finishes the May releases with a stand-alone adventure designed for starting characters.  MSRP will be $14.95.


WotC offers up four titles for June:


Monster Manual 3 will include more than 200 new monsters, including both classic villains and new creations to challenge characters of all levels.  MSRP will be $34.95.


Desert of Arthas Dungeon Tiles is a map accessory that includes tiles and three-dimensional terrain pieces to enhance tactical play.  MSRP will be $11.95.


The Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures game gets a new large figure with Orcus, Prince of Undeath: a classic demonic force certain to terrorize its miniature foes.  MSRP:  $74.99.


The Player’s Handbook Races:  Tieflings reveals the secrets of these infernal characters with new options, feats, and powers, as well as background information.  MSRP:  $9.95.


Wizards has scheduled five new items for July:


Demons are revealed in the Demonomicon, presenting all manner of abyssal monsters, lore, and statistics.  MSRP will be $29.95.


Dungeon Tiles Master Set—The Dungeon will give Dungeon Masters the basic map tiles they need to create a variety of classic dungeon settings.  MSRP will be $19.95.


Orcs of Stonefang Pass will be a stand-alone adventure module for low-level characters.  MSRP will be $12.95.


The classic Tomb of Horrors returns with a new modular design allowing Dungeon Masters to customize the dungeon to their own campaign.  MSRP:  $29.95.


A complete fortress awaits in Vor Rukoth: An Ancient Ruins Adventure Site, including maps, monster stats, pre-made encounters, and adventure ideas.  MSRP:  $12.95.