Paizo Publishing, the new publisher of Dungeon and Dragon Adventures (see 'WotC Spins off Magazines') has announced that upcoming issues will contain special sealed sections with 'edgy, mature content.'  Dragon #300, due in September, and Dungeon Adventures #95, due in October, will each feature such a section, with content tied to Wizards of the Coast's Book of Vile Darkness, also due for release in October. 


The Book of Vile Darkness, the only 'mature audiences' product we could find on the WotC Website, is a tool for creating 'truly evil villains,' using 'material that has never been explored in the D&D roleplaying game.'  The magazine material will complement the Book of Vile Darkness, and can be used either in conjunction with the book or independently. 


This appears to be a coordinated effort to appeal to older players, who may have otherwise moved on to other games or pursuits.  The challenge for the retailer will be policing sales of the WotC release and the magazines, both of which have normally been salable to all ages.