Texas-based Jasco Games has acquired the rights to the Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games, which reluctantly cancelled further production of UFS cards last December (see “FFG Cancels UFS & Kingdom Hearts CCGs”).  Founded by Jason Hawronsky, Jasco Games now owns the rights to the core UFS games as well as the characters and settings of the ShadoWar.  Jasco has also purchased FFG’s remaining stock of UFS cards.  Hawronsky told ICv2 that he hoped to release Jasco’s first UFS release in October.


Jasco is planning a “Get Back in the Game” promotion for retailers.  Storeowners who purchase six boxes of previous UFS releases (4 booster boxes and 2 starter deck boxes) at wholesale will receive two boxes of Jasco’s new release along with promo material for a re-launch event for free.  Details about the promotion and about Jasco’s first new UFS release will be released in the coming weeks.