Toy Vault has released new details about the upcoming Godzilla:  Kaiju World Wars, its new  boardgame designed by veteran game creator Richard H. Berg.


The game will feature four of the films’ most popular monsters:  Rodan, Gigan, King Ghidorah, and Godzilla in a last-monster-standing brawl.  Multiple scenarios are included, inviting monsters to battle over variable terrain while they destroy buildings and more in their path. The monsters must also deal with aggressive military units, bombs, and traps.


Godzilla:  Kaiju World War will include four fully-painted 2-3/8” plastic figures of the monsters, 90 stackable plastic tiles for creating skyscrapers, individual monster playmates, as well as terrain and power tokens.  It is designed to play in an hour or less.


Toy Vault originally announced the game in May (see “Godzilla Boardgame”).