Alliance Distribution has announced that it will be the exclusive distributor of a new version of the classic wargame Risk.  Titled Risk: Legacy, the game itself will evolve over multiple plays, making each copy of the game unique.  It will release this October.
Using markers and stickers, permanent changes are made to the game board and pieces, based on events that occur during the game.  These permanent changes continue to affect play during later games played with that set.  New cities may be established or destroyed, fortifications constructed, territory values increased or decreased, and nation abilities changed.
Secret game mechanics are hidden in sealed envelopes, representing features of the game that are “earned” by players after playing multiple games.  After about 15 plays of the game, the player with the best winning record is given the right to “name” the world.  At this point, the game no longer changes from play to play, becoming a permanent, but unique, version of Risk.
Risk: Legacy will be offered at a NET price of $35.99 through Alliance and Diamond.  Quantity discounts will also be available.  Risk: Legacy was published by Hasbro.