Mayfair Games will release Treefrog Games’ A Few Acres of Snow; a two player deckbuilding game, in September.  A Few Acres of Snow recreates the one hundred and fifty year struggle between Britain and France for domination of North America, fought during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  This is one of several Martin Wallace games that Mayfair has distributed to the U.S. on behalf of Treefrog Games (see “Mayfair to Release 'Discworld' Game” and “'London' & 'Van Helsing' Board Games”).

In A Few Acres of Snow, each player starts with a small set of cards.  As the game progresses, players add to the cards they can use during the game.  The cards come in two general types: Location cards and Empire cards.  Players take turns performing two actions.  There is a range of actions available, such as settling new locations, besieging locations, trading fur, launching Indian raids, and building fortifications.  There are also cards that allow you to perform actions to manage your deck, such as getting rid of useless cards and drawing additional cards from your pile.  You can also place cards in reserve so that you can use them at a later point in time.

The game ends if a player manages to capture his opponent’s capital city or they have managed to place all of their village or town pieces on the board. In the latter case, points are calculated to see who wins.

A Few Acres of Snow will contain a map board, 110 Cards, 15 Gold Coin, 15 Silver Coin, 2 Player Aid Cards, 73 wood pieces and an instruction book.  MSRP is $55.

The game can last from between 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how well players pursue the victory conditions, and is recommended for ages 12 and up.