Wizards of the Coast has released details on a new player rating system designed for Magic: the Gathering Organized Play programs. The new system is designed to encourage more play at OP events, and aims to eliminate a quirk of the old system that discouraged higher-ranked players from participating in the program.
The new system, called Planeswalker Points, will allow players to track their participation in OP events. It replaces the older system WotC used to rate and rank Magic players’ participation. 
Planeswalker Points awards players with points for participating in events, with larger awards for larger and more competitive events, and additional bonuses for event winners. Unlike the old system, players cannot lose points when they lose a match, which was found to discourage highly-ranked players from risking their ratings when they play with lower ranked participants. Instead, the new system records and tracks each player’s lifetime total, which is then used to determine their rankings.
Wizards of the Coast will be converting the old DCI system to the new Planeswalker Points system, so those who have participated in OP events under the old system will not lose anything with the establishment of the new system.
Points earned under the new system can earn players invitations and “byes” for Pro Tour, World Championship, and Grand Prix tournaments.
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