Wizards of the Coast has announced that attendance at prerelease events for its Magic: The Gathering--Innistrad release (see “First Look at 'MTG: Innistrad' Promo Card”) was up 32% by number of players vs. Scars of Mirrodin.  The number of events was up 14%, according to WotC.

The set has been getting great buzz, with the genre a big factor.  Recent changes to Magic organized play may also be a factor, according to Magic Brand Director Elaine Chase.  “We’re attributing the increased player and store participation to an awesome set combined with the addition of Planeswalker Points, which has really encouraged people to get to their stores and experience all that Magic has to offer,” she said.

The new program makes it more attractive for higher-ranked players to participate in events (see “Magic’s New Point System”).

Attendance at Innistrad Launch Party events is also expected to break records, according to the company.