The Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault organized play program has entered its second stage with the arrival of Talon of Umberlee.  Like the earlier Forge of the Dawn Titan, the focus is on highly-tactical play designed to reward character construction and knowledge of the game rules.  Participating retailers are invited to run the convention-style adventure anytime in December, January, or February.
Designed by Logan Bonner and Chris Perkins, Talon of Umberlee presents a challenge for tactically-minded players, rules experts, and “power gamers” who enjoy tactical puzzles and character ability optimization in a “players versus gamemaster” style adventure.  Players are encouraged to use the Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards to give them an edge against the encounter.
The large-scale encounter is intended to play in a few hours, but is designed to encourage multiple attempts by players.  It is intended for any legal-built eight level characters.  During the game, players can earn “glory points” for various accomplishments, which can be use to acquire special profile badges on the Wizards of the Coast community website.
Wizards of the Coast plans to release a third Lair Assault adventure for next March.
The first Lair Assault adventure ran during September, October, and November (see “‘Dungeons & Dragons: Lair Assault’”).