Green Ronin has announced two new d20 sourcebooks for release in May and June.  The first is Fang & Fury, a guidebook for vampires in the form of the vampire scion, a new race balanced for play with conventional PC races.  It will be written by Jim Bishop, with cover by Todd Lockwood.  The 80-page $16.95 trade paperback will include new feats, prestige classes, monsters, templates, clerical domains, spells, pantheons, magic items, and artifacts to flesh out the vampires' abilities, ecology, and culture.  Fang & Fury is scheduled for May release.


The second is Unholy Warrior's Handbook, which will allow players to generate anti-paladins, champions that fight on behalf of the gods of evil.  It will be written by Robert J. Schwalb, with cover by Kyle Anderson.  This companion piece to Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous will be in the same 80-page trade paperback format, and will include prestige classes and feats, magic items and spells, and mounts and minions.  Unholy Warrior's Handbook is scheduled for June release.