Z-Man Games is prepping Clash of Cultures (MSRP $79.99), an elaborate Euro-style board game designed by Christian Marcussen (Merchants and Marauders), for a Q4 release.  In the game, which has an epic scope similar to Avalon Hill’s Civilization, 2-4 players (ages 14 and up) develop civilizations from a meager settlements to mighty empires.  Players have to explore their surroundings, create their cities, explore new technical advances and perhaps defeat the rising civilizations created by opposing players.  Since the game covers an enormous span of recorded history, roughly from the first settlements to the invention of gunpowder, it takes around 240 minutes to complete a full game and create a civilization that will be admired for millennia.
The game features 48 distinct technical "advances," and employs a modular board.  Players can shape the development of their cities by putting their resources in different areas (creating a port, a prestigious academy, or temple that could be come one of the "wonders of the world").  Players have opportunities to advance their civilizations in a number of different categories including agriculture, construction, education, warfare, economics, spirituality, culture, science, and trade.  They can choose to make their civilization a democracy, an autocracy, or a theocracy.  There are many ways to earn points such as founding and growing cities, making advances, and creating new wonders.
Some of the 250 Minis
The deluxe Clash of Cultures board game includes: 20 region tiles, 8 dice, 4 player boards, 4 player aids, a turn track, 119 cards, 7 wonder pieces, over 120 tokens, 250 miniatures and a rulebook.