Fantasy Flight Games has announced the early 2013 release of a new, less expensive version, of Reiner Knizia’s award-winning Ingenious board game, which will be available at the lower MSRP of just $29.95.  This brain-teasing puzzle strategy game in which 2-4 players place colored tiles on a hexagonal game board, blocking opponents, and attempting to prevent opponents from blocking them is deceptively easy-to-learn and thoroughly addictive.  It is no wonder that this subtle strategy game of tile placement won the Spiel der Spiele, (Austrian) Game of the Year, award in 2004 as well as winning the "2004 Japan Boardgame Prize for the Best Foreign Game."
The new lower priced mass market edition of Ingenious offers virtually the same gameplay as the original (though the rules do not include the "solo" version).  The major difference is that the tiles are made out of punchboard not plastic, and there are no separate stands for a player’s tiles (in this version the tiles in a player’s hand fit into slits on the edge of the game board).  The new version of Ingenious comes packaged in a colorful 10" x 10" x 2" game box.