Dream Pod 9 is issuing new editions of the players handbooks for each of its lines to make them compatible with the Open Gaming License.  The relaunch starts with the release of the Silhouette CORE Rules in April, which will serve as the starting point for all of the Dream Pod 9 lines.   The new book will contain rules in the Silhouette system as well as stats and rules conversion to the OGL.  Players will need the Silhouette Core Rules ($29.95) as well as the Players Handbooks for each game in order to play. 


Then starting in June, DP9 will release the individual Players Handbooks for each of its games.  The rules will be tweaked to eliminate play-balance problems and loopholes, and the books will contain more material, be fatter and nicer, and carry higher MSRPs of $39.95 each.  Gear Krieg RPG 2nd Edition ships in June, Jovian Chronicles RPG 2nd Edition ships in July, Heavy Gear 3rd Edition ships in September, and Tribe 8 RPG 2nd Edition ships in November. 


DP9's first d20 gaming product, the Mecha Compendium, is shipping now.  It contains d20 mecha statistics for DP9 mecha designs from Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and Gear Krieg, as well as from other worlds in a variety of genres.