Asmodee continues to support its very popular party game Dixit with two expansions planned for early 2013.  ICv2 had an opportunity to speak with Jules Vautour of Asmodee at the recent New York Toy Fair, and he kindly explained the company’s plans for the game:
"Three base games were on the market, so we trimmed it down to two. Journey will be more in the mass (it’s still available in the core hobby), and to protect the core hobby we kept Dixit, the original game, in the core hobby only."
The third Dixit game is being retired from the market.  Vautour explains:
"Odyssey was a version where you could have up to 12 players and it had a different scoring mechanism.  That’s being pulled off the market and then we’re going to release Quest as an expansion, which is going to be basically Dixit 2 reworked.  And then about a month later, Odyssey the expansion will follow."
Dixit Quest is scheduled to release in the first week of April, and replaces the previous Dixit 2

The Dixit Odyssey expansion will release in June, replacing the earlier game of the same name.  Both expansions will require the base game to play, and each will add 84 cards to the game.  Both expansions will have a suggested retail price of $29.99 each.
Dixit was the eighth best-selling card game in the hobby channel for Summer 2012. See "Top 10 Card/Building Games--Summer 2012" for details.