The miniatures enthusiast Website CoolMiniOrNot continues to make waves as a boardgame publisher.  At the recent Gama Trade Show, the company was showing its plans for some upcoming expansion sets for its more popular titles as well as a new miniatures-based boardgame.

The zombie survival horror boardgame Zombicide will spawn two new titles.  Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak is a stand-alone expansion that can be played by itself or combined with the basic game.  Set in an overrun prison, it includes 90 plastic miniatures. The suggested retail price will be $100.

Toxic City Mall
is a smaller expansion, focused on the ever-popular shopping mall.  This expansion requires either Zombicide or Prison Outbreak to play, and will have a suggested retail price of $50.

Both expansions were successfully funded through Kickstarter, gathering more than $2,250,000 in support.

A reprint of the original Zombicide is expected to be available at the same time as the new expansions.

The next expansion for the fantasy monster-bash Super Dungeon Explore is now available.  Called Von Drakk Manor, the expansion features legions of undead for the heroes to confront.  Thirty-six pre-assembled Soda Pop Miniatures models are included in the set.  Suggested retail price is $59.99.

Inspired by RTS computer games, Rivet Wars:  Eastern Front is a miniatures-based wargame set in a world locked in World War I-era technology.  The game will include unpainted plastic miniatures for two armies as well as battlefield fortifications.

Rivet Wars
was funded through Kickstarter, collecting over $500,000 worth of pledged support.

Sedition Wars:  Arms of Sorrow, the first expansion for Mike McVey’s science fiction miniatures-based board game, is planned to release near the end of the year.