New game publisher Watchtower Games is preparing to launch its debut product, Fallen, a two-player card and dice game of Dungeon adventures designed by Tom W. Green and Stephen C. Smith.  In Fallen, two players battle deep within a dungeon.  One player takes on the role of the hero (choosing from three different hero characters), while the other plays the role of the Dungeon Lord, who summons terrifying creatures and dark spells to thwart the hero’s explorations.
Hero Card--Click Image for a Better View
The adventure is brought to life through cards and dice.  Story cards describe the rooms in the dungeons and the challenges that the hero will face.  When a battle erupts or a trap is sprung, Challenge Dice are rolled to see who is victorious.  Fallen inevitably culminates in an epic final battle between the hero and the Dungeon Lord with only one player left standing.
Dungeon Lord
The Fallen game includes: 45 story cards, 3 hero character cards, 50 hero power cards, 27 skill cards, 24 equipment and treasure cards, 3 Dungeon Lord character cards, 50 Dungeon Lord power cards, 28 creature cards, 12 omen cards, 33 final battle cards, 6 shadow track cards, 14 critical cards, 25 custom dice, 80+ tokens, and a rulebook.