The long bull market for game sales continued through the Summer season, according to a new report in ICv2’s Internal Correspondence #83, with some retailers describing it as "the best summer ever."  The market for CCGs has now reached the point where single-category stores selling almost exclusively CCGs, with event space, appear to be developing as a viable business model.

The Kickstarter phenomenon continued to evolve, with more Kickstarted products going into trade release and, in general, selling in rough proportion to their popularity with Kickstarter.

Exposure on the second season of TableTop is having a sales impact, with varying opinions on whether it’s the same size or a little smaller.

Major shifts in the bestseller charts include shifts below the top in collectible games, a new #1 in board games, Munchkin’s return to the top in card games, Star Wars moving up in miniature games despite supply problems, and a big move in the RPG category.

ICv2 also published its hobby game bestseller charts in the new issue, covering all five categories.

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For information on how to get your copy of Internal Correspondence #83, see "ICv2 Releases 'Internal Correspondence' #83."