We spoke to TableTop Associate Producer Boyan Radakovich, who offered a number of suggestions on ways game retailers (and publishers) can take advantage of the show’s promotional value.  The impact of the first season of the Geek & Sundry Youtube series, which ended last January, was profound, with recent data showing that even a year after an episode is first released, sales on featured games are up an average of 79% (see "The 'TableTop' Bump") over the period before the episode was released.  Radakovich said that retailers that exploit the opportunities presented by the show are experiencing the biggest sales increases.  His suggestions:
Viewing parties.  Thursday night in-store events on show weeks at which the new TableTop episode is viewed, followed by gaming after the show.
Socialize the show.  Embedding the new episodes on the store’s Website or Facebook page, and using e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook to direct visitors to the episode helps more people see it, and the more people that see the episode, the more likely they are to buy the product featured.
Merchandise featured games, especially for the holidays.  Creating an in-store display with games featured on the show, including ancillary products, is a great way to convert viewers to purchase at any time, but especially during the holiday season.  Displays can be oriented around seasons for bigger spaces, or rotated as new episodes air in smaller ones. 
Participate in TableTop Day.  Over 3000 events in 62 countries on all seven continents were held on the first TableTop Day in April (see "International 'TableTop' Day"), which was pulled together on a fairly tight timetable.  Radakovich sees TableTop Day as an industry-wide event that has been successful at bringing new people into stores, with the potential to grow significantly in its second year.  "So for TableTop Day, we’re trying to bring the fans, the publishers and the retailers all together celebrating on one day, on neutral ground," he said.  "We’re getting more publishers to make exclusive items and content for the fans.  And the retailers get that, they get to sell it, they get to increase sales, to be tied to the community.  It’s great."