Polish board game company NSKN Games has released a revised edition of its strategy board game Exodus: Proxima Centauri to U.S. markets exclusively through GTS Distribution.
Exodus: Proxima Centauri, designed by Andrei Novac (Warriors & Traders) and Agnieszka Kopera, is an advanced strategic empire-building game, and the first in a planned trilogy.  The revised edition includes updated graphic design (which includes improved ergonomics as well as a new look), higher quality game boards, and fewer overall components.  The game is for 2 – 6 players, ages 12 and up and plays in 30 – 45 minutes per player.  MSRP is $80.00.
Players take the role of one of six human factions that left Earth after a nuclear war and settled on planets in the Centauri system orbiting the Proxima Centauri star, with the help of the superior Centaurian alien race.  Players build space fleets and conquer planets, fight the Centaurian Resistance as well as other players, and negotiate politics and more.