Wizards of the Coast is making a number of changes to Magic:  The Gathering, cards, beginning with the Magic 2015 core set, including a new holofoil stamp.

The new holofoil stamp will appear as a small silver oval in the bottom center of all rares and mythic rares going forward (see top picture, "Waste Not," which is a rare, vs. "Wall of Fire," below, which is a common).

A second change is that the collector info will appear in the lower left of the card, which will indicate that card’s unique collector number, rarity, set, and language.  A small dot between the set and the language will appear as a star on premium cards.

Common, no holofoil
The downside of this uniformity is that the bottom of all cards will be black to accommodate this information, which may be jarring to players, but makes the cards machine-readable by recognition software at Wizards’ production plants. "It will help eliminate the rare packaging error, like cards sneaking into the wrong expansion's boosters," explained WotC Director of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe in an online column.

And several other design changes will also be made beginning with the 2015 Core Set.

The font has been changed from an off-the shelf font (variations of Matrix Bold), to a custom design, dubbed "Beleren," which WotC hopes will "alleviate any jarring feeling when (players) mix the two (sets) together in decks."

Border size on cards will be decreased to accommodate the new information.  The black border has been decreased by nearly a millimeter.  Another upside of the new change is that it allows the art and text boxes to be slightly larger (change is more visible on "Wall of Fire" card).

And last, the designer credit for some cards will now be included at the bottom of the flavor text box.  The credit will not appear on all cards, only "a handful" in Magic 2015, but it will be included on the "Waste Not" card (see above), which is the first card designed by the Magic community.