Lion Rampant, which acquired the rights to distribute games from Germany’s Zoch Verlag in late 2012 (see "Lion Rampant & Rio Grande to Distribute Zoch Games"), has announced that it will release four Zoch games in North America in 2014 including Fuch’s & Fertig, a delightful family card game that Lion Rampant is retitling Fox’s Party for its English edition.  Designed by Bernhard Weber and released in Germany in 2011, Fox’s Party is a card game that demands that players use both their memories and their ability to calculate odds.  This fast and fun game for from 2-5 players, ages six and up, takes just 10 minutes to play.
Also due in 2014 is Polterfass, a dice-rolling game from 2013 designed by Andreas Schmidt for 3-6 players ages 8 and up, and set in a tavern.  The twist here is that instead of rolling dice, players roll small beer barrels, most of which show numbers, but some of which have symbols that can help or hinder the player who takes on the role of the innkeeper.
The third and final Zoch game announced (the identity of the fourth game to be released in 2014 remains unknown) was Sauschwer, a bluffing and wagering card game designed by Andrea Meyer and Martin Schlegal and released in Germany in 2013.  Players have to estimate the weight of the objects depicted on the 188 Sauschwer cards, and in particular decide which of two objects would be the heavier if placed on a balance scale.  If another player disagrees, all the players have to bet on one side or the other with the players who guess right earning victory points.