WizKids was showing off previews of several planned releases at GTS (see "'Attack Wing,' 'Dice Masters: X-Men,' 'D&D Minis' More"), and Scott D’Agostino, WizKids Product and Marketing Coordinator, shared more details on the highly anticipated Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons and the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line.

"Attack Wing really brings the feel of Dungeons & Dragons to the table top," he said.  "You are playing with not only dragons, but ground troops, squads of troops, including archers or hobgoblins, elemental weapons, spells, cone effects and more."
D’Agostino confirmed that the Attack Wing Starter Set will include the red dragon, the copper dragon, and the blue dragon (pictured here).  "When we release the Starter Set, there will be eight Expansion Packs right along with it, and there will be two more dragons you can get, as single releases," he said, "the green dragon and the brass dragon."
Additional expansion releases will include smaller troops, including the elven spellcaster and dwarven ballista (see picture), an undead character, a large-based giant figure, and two squad/troop packs of six figures: the archers and hobgoblins.  The smaller individual figures will be $14.99, with the larger base and troop packs at $24.99.  The figures will all come with cards for play as both a named character or a generic character, reference cards, upgrades, equipment, and scenario (adventure) games. 
The scenario cards can be played individually, or as part of an ongoing campaign.  "So when you play an adventure, depending on who wins, they’ll get a campaign artifact, which is something that they can add to their team for the next adventure," D’Agostino said.  "There’s a storyline that weaves through it."
"We will be doing organized play.  It will be in a similar format to what we are rolling out this summer for Star Trek Attack Wing, which is a semi-sealed format.  What that means is that there is going to be special organized play kits that come with blind booster packs, and players show up with a 90 point  force, pay the entry fee, receive a pack, open it, and have a creature that will build out a 30 point addition to the player’s force," D’Agostino explained. These figures will be exclusive to the organized play program, but will likely be sculpts that have been seen, or will be included in future releases.  The names and ability cards will be unique.  He also confirmed that organized play will begin shortly after the first sets are released, likely November or December.
D’Agostino also wanted to clarify that while the Flight Path engine was also used in Star Trek Attack Wing, the game is not a direct "port-over" with simple IP adjustments.  "We have the same design team, and when they designed Star Trek Attack Wing, they really brought the flavor of Star Trek.  This game, they are really bringing the flavor of Dungeons & Dragons.  There are new game mechanics; there is elevation, ground and air, which significantly changes strategy and effects in the game.  If you’ve played Star Trek, you’re 90% up the learning curve in terms of the game engine in terms of how the general mechanics are, but everything else is very unique to this game."
Not final art
As far as the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, the pack out will be similar to the Pathfinder Battles Miniature line.  While there are some visible packages, the main set releases will be blind booster boxes.
As far as the contents, "(t)he sculpts will be the same, but they are mounted on different bases, because we have very specific bases for the Attack Wing line.  So particularly for the dragons, in the RPG miniatures line, they’re going to be on the standard RPG miniatures bases, whereas for Attack Wing they have the posts and the pegs here and the square base that’s particular to this game.  However, for the smaller figures, they will be mounted on the same base, and we have a little connector piece that attaches them to the Attack Wing bases."