Goodman Games has announced an agreement with creator James M. Ward to publish a single print run of the Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition, the first science fiction roleplaying game.  The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, with trade release to follow in September.
Metamorphosis Alpha was originally released in July 1976 by TSR.  The game is set on the generation starship Warden, where characters who are descendants of the original crew must survive their missions on the ship, which contains technology they no longer understand and strange mutated creatures.  (Basically, it’s a dungeon crawl in space.)
 Goodman plans a deluxe, oversized (10.5" x 14") hardcover release, including verbatim text from the original rulebook, as well as extensive supplemental material and additional new art.  The new material will include several introductory and historical articles, including an interview with Ward, new monsters and NPCs, several new adventures and a collection of many of the magazine articles published in support of the original edition.  Also of historical interest, Ward included the original notes from the first pre-publication playtest conducted with Gary Gygax and Bryan Blume.  MSRP will be $80.00.
Joseph Goodman told ICv2 that the oversized edition is a response to the trend of oversized compilations in classic comics, the deluxe artist’s editions. “I am trying to bring that same approach to classic gaming,” he said. 

When asked about printing the original text verbatim, including spelling and grammar errors, he responded, “I want this volume to act as both historical reference as well as well as playing aid. The original 1976 publication was revolutionary and very well received, warts and all, and I think it is important for modern gamers to remember that."

There will also be three new adventure modules produced for the project, as well as the The Android Underlords, which was a special adventure released at Gary Con this year when the Kickstarter was announced.  The adventures will be released over the course of a year as PDFs to backers, with a final print compilation to follow, with an MSRP of $10.00.
Goodman stated in the Kickstarter that all text content is complete, and the Kickstarter "will fund completion of art, ...and the very expensive print run."  Fulfillment of the project is planned for September, with the adventure supplement arriving in January 2015.  There is a retailer backer level.  Goodman also shared that they will display advance copies at their booth at Gen Con, and discuss the project during a “What’s New at Goodman Games” seminar at Gen Con.
 An unaffiliated 2012 Kickstarter for a new edition of the game with new rules, from Signal Fire (see "Signal Fire's New Games'), has not shipped to date, but appears to be progressing.