1A Games is preparing an October release for the Kickstarter-supported Cross Hares: Testing Ground (MSRP $49.98), a new interactive board game designed by Jesse Labbe for 2-4 players.  Testing Ground is the first game in the Cross Hares line, and it features a fairly simple premise, players who assume one of six heavily-armed Usagi Yojimbo-like rabbit characters have to move down a trail and "defeat" a polluting factory. 
Character Card
Players draw cards as their characters move down the trail, and with each character having a different set of tasks, conflicts arise, which are solved by shoving players across the map or perhaps stealing items.  Cards can be good or bad for individual players or terrible for everyone.  For all of its straightforward "trail" game mechanics, Cross Hares is a surprisingly dark "bunny" adventure set in a polluted dystopian world that depends on rabbits with special powers to make things right.
1A Games, which is well-known for its military games like Tides of Iron, will be demoing Cross Hares: Testing Ground at GenCon prior to the game’s October release.