Gen Con News: Harebrained Schemes was showing off several new fall products for their digitally-enhanced miniatures game Golem Arcana, which designer Jordan Weisman previewed at last year’s Gen Con (see "Jordan Weisman's New Game, Part 1") and premiered at this year’s show. 
"It’s going very, very well.  Way beyond our expectations," Harebrained Schemes Executive Producer Ray Winninger said at the booth on Friday.  "We will sell hundreds of base games, and all the expansions that go with them, here at the show."
The game was designed with in-store play in mind (see "Jordan Weisman on 'Golem Arcana'"), and Winninger shared updates on the program.  "The organized play has already begun.  We have around 70 organized play champions we call emissaries around the country today, they’re doing demos in stores right now.  In the next month or two they’re start to switch over and start organizing tournaments as well.  With Golem Arcana we can do a lot of interesting things with organized play because of the software, because the software handles all the OP stuff automatically."
Khan's Pyre Expansions
"One of the really nice things is that every time any Golem player turns on the app, it alerts the player to all the OP events within a 50 mile radius of their location, so we help players find these events, to drive them to these events, and all of that."
"Then when the event starts, it’s managed by the software, so there’s none of the data entry, that boring phase at the end of the tournament where everyone has to enter all their information.  It’s all handled automatically.  Then the prizes are handled automatically as well.  Most of the participation and victory prizes for our organized play events are digital characters, unlocked instantly in the player’s account."
"We just completed our 200th in-store demo, and we’re very interested in hearing from retailers who’d like to participate or have demos in their store.  The odds are very good we have an emissary in the area, and we’re happy to match-make with retailers."
Khan's Pyre Expansions
Harebrained was showing off upcoming releases in the booth, which include the Durani Jagara Colossus, which will release in September (see "First 'Golem Arcana' Colossus"), and the Gudanna Valkali Colossus (pictured above) which will release in December.
Also on display were the upcoming Khan’s Pyre Expansions for various factions.  The Gudanna--The Khan’s Pyre Expansion includes the Sand Lion, the Dune Viper, and the Devil Djinn.  November will see the release of both the Urugal--The Khan’s Pyre Expansion, which includes the Horned Blight, the Plague Bringer and the Carrion Raptor; as well as the Zikia--The Khan’s Pyre Expansion which includes the Bramblehorn, the Woodguard, and the Wildwood Dryad golems.  MSRP on the 3-figure sets is $34.99.