Score Entertainment, which scored a major hit with its DBZ CCG, is planning a two-pronged push for the launch of its new anime-based Yu-Yu Hakusho CCG, which debuts in September. The first prong is aimed at increasing general awareness of the new game among fans of the Yu-Yu Hakusho anime series and the public at large. All the DVD releases of the Yu-Yu Hakusho anime, which has enjoyed a successful run on the Cartoon Network, will include a video demo of the Yu-Yu Hakusho collectible card game which will demonstrate how the game is played and how closely it is tied in to the anime series.  In addition to this highly targeted promotion, Score is planning to run a number of television spots during the fourth quarter of 2003 in support of a strong holiday push for the Yu-Yu Hakusho CCG.


The second prong of Score's marketing plan is targeted directly at the hobby.  To reach key consumers, Score is distributing more than 500,000 'demo decks' through a variety of venues, including GenCon, Comic Con International, and Wizard World Chicago.  The decks are self-contained learning tools showcasing the cards and the game. 
To reach retailers, Score has prepared Pre-Launch Kits aimed at jump-starting the player communities at hobby stores.  The kits will include demo packs, a copy of the video demo, posters, window clings, and T-shirts -- everything that retailers need to establish the game in their environment and help initiate supporting activities.