Stronghold Games will release the English editions of two games previously published in German by Spielworxx, Age of Reason and La Granja, in June.  Both will be printed at Ludofact Germany and released in the U.S. at $59.95 MSRPs. 

Age of Reason, designed by Martin Wallace, will be the first release in Stronghold’s new “Great Designer Series.”  It “re-implements and streamlines” Wallace’s Struggle of Empires, the company said.  Players in Age of Reason take the roles of regents for Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Prussia, Austria and Russia in the late 18th Century.  Each is trying to increase their power in Europe while establishing colonial empires through shifting alliances.  Age of Reason is for three to seven players. 

In La Granja, players control small farms by the Alpich Pond near the Village of Esporles on Mallorca, and try to expand their farms into the country estate La Granja, while seeking to deliver goods to the village.  Both speed and careful planning are necessary to win.  The player who accumulates the most victory points at the end of the game is the new owner of the La Granja estate.