Cubicle 7 Entertainment, a new British RPG publisher formed by SLA Industries creator Dave Allsop and Angus Abranson, will begin releasing new SLA Industries products, beginning late Spring, 2004.  SLA Industries is a dark horror science fiction setting first published by Nightfall Games in 1993.  Nightfall and the game were acquired by Wizards of the Coast, then later spun out again.  Hogshead Publishing published SLA Industries releases for Nightfall from 1999 to 2002, when Hogshead ceased publishing and handed the rights back to Nightfall (see 'Hogshead Publishing Hangs It Up'). 


Cubicle 7 has announced five SLA Industries releases for next year.  First up is Hunter Sheets:  Issue 1, which focuses on 20 of the prominent SLA subversives operating in the World of Progress.  Cannibal Sector One Sourcebook is a guide to one of the most dangerous regions on Mort.  SLA Industries World Guide 1 -- Jacinto will be the first in a series of short World Books for SLA-owned planets.  Jacinto (Red Hell) is a top safari venue for Contract Hunters.  SLA Industries World Guide 2 -- Xaime features an Industrial/War World on the outer rim of the World of Progress.  White Earth will cover the most terrifying world in the SLA Universe.