White Wolf Publishing has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. to publish Fiery Dragon's line of d20 system roleplaying games under the White Wolf Sword & Sorcery imprint.   Fiery Dragon has enjoyed success with its first three d20 releases NeMoren's Vault, The Silver Summoning, and To Stand on Hallowed Ground.  In fact, most of the initial wave of d20 releases have done quite well, but with more and more companies releasing d20 products, a market slowdown and shakeout is all but inevitable.  By associating itself with White Wolf, Fiery Dragon can ensure good distribution and greater acceptance of their new products thanks to White Wolf's stature in the marketplace and its marketing know-how. 


For White Wolf, Fiery Dragon represents another key design house for its Sword & Sorcery line.  White Wolf has similar agreements with Necromancer Games, its own Arthaus affiliate (see 'White Wolf To Publish Ravenloft'), and the Sword & Sorcery Studio.   Adding Fiery Dragon to its Sword & Sorcery imprint improves White Wolf's opportunity to profit from the d20-led revival of roleplaying games.

The d20 system was created by Wizards of the Coast as part of their 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  In a bold move WOTC has allowed other game companies to create adventures using the d20 system, and a large number of companies have created d20 games and magazines (see 'Sovereign Stone Adopts d20 Rules,' 'Corsair to Publish d20 Magazine').